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Meet the Team

Tracy Elliot
Escrow Officer
Mary Gold
Escrow Officer
Jennie Kale-Long
Director of Sales and Marketing
Michelle Burrgi
Title Examiner
Janna Kompos
Escrow Assistant
Kari Larson
Escrow Assisant
Kiersten Tessler
Escrow Team
Ben Grenert
Marketing Specialist

Ben Grenert has been in marketing for the entirety of his professional career. Working in multiple different industries he has honed his graphic design and growth strategies. Working in tandem with the rest of the marketing team, Ben plans to help take Arizona Brokers Title Agency to the heights the entire team knows they can reach.

Eric Santoro

Eric Santoro is a Videographer and Filmmaker based in Flagstaff, AZ. As a child, Eric realized his fascination with filmmaking after his parents gifted him an Indiana Jones boxset with behind-the-scenes material. The next year, they gave him his first video camera and since then, he has worked on countless high-end, independent productions, and has been very proud to see a few film festival awards in the process. As a videographer with Arizona Brokers Title Agency, Eric is excited to work with an amazing team of creatives, producing high quality video content that will take your company’s story to its highest peaks.

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Gary Lidman
Graphic Designer
Heidi Hommel
My name is Heidi Hommel and I grew up in the Valley of the Sun. During my time at Northern Arizona University I realized my passion for filmmaking while living in Flagstaff. After undergrad I went on to receive my Masters in Documentary Film. As a videographer for Arizona Brokers Title Agency I plan to help take our story telling needs to the next level. 
Kaylee Blackman
Marketing Specialist
Kaylee Blackman is a Graphics Specialist on our marketing team at Arizona Brokers Title Agency. Kaylee is a recent Oregon State University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in New Media Communications. With a positive attitude and a passion for content creation, Kaylee is eager to learn and grow alongside our incredible team.